I am an agri-environmental economics theorist, focusing on the agri-environmental policy design by applying tools from behavioural economics and environmental psychology.

I obtained my PhD from the Department of Agricultural Economics & Rural Development at the Agricultural University of Athens, Greece. Prior to my PhD studies I completed the Master program in Environmental Economics & Management at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden. Also, I hold a Bachelor in Economics from the University of Piraeus, Greece.

Currently, I am employed as associate researcher at the Agricultural Economics Research Institute (AGRERI), a unit of the Hellenic Agricultural Organization - DIMITRA (ELGO - DIMITRA). Specifically, I investigate the factors that determine farmers' choices towards adoption of environmentally friendly pest control.

More broadly, I am also interested in the following thematic areas:

  • The effects of non-economic incentives (e.g., norm compliance, altruism, ambiguity, etc;) on production, both at individual and at a firm level (e.g., coop- eration, product differentiation, price discrimination, vertical integration, etc.).
  • The design of environmental policies (e.g., environmental taxes, green subsidies, environmental regula- tions, etc.) that facilitate producers’, both individuals and firms, pro-environmental behavior (e.g., green production, emission reduction, etc.).
  • The influence of both economic and non- economic incentives on the evolution of markets as a socially responsible entities.

You can find more information on my academic background and research activities at my (up to date) Curriculum Vitae. Also, I maintain an account on both X/Twitter and Blue Sky.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing contract bridge (currently learning the TOP3 bidding system), reading crime fiction, watching movies, travelling and spending time with friends, accompanying them with a cup of (either hot or cold) coffee.

Giorgos N.

Email: gdiakoulakis [at] elgo [dot] gr

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Articles containing the green-box tag can be downloaded and distributed completely free of charge. Usually, these (priliminary) articles are hosted in an open repository, like SSRN and ArXiv.

Articles containing the brown-box tag are those in the very early stage, and they are accessible upon request.

Peer-reviewed Journals
  • Emission taxes for genuine altruistic firms
    Giorgos. N. Diakoulakis and Athanasios Kampas. Annals of Public and Cooperatives Economics. 2023
    doi: 10.1111/apce.12369

Working Papers
  • Monopolistic pricing with goal-driven consumers
    Giorgos. N. Diakoulakis. 2024 SSRN EconStor
  • A goal-frame approach on the adoption of organic farming practices
    Giorgos. N. Diakoulakis and Athanasios Kampas. 2022 SSRN

Recent News

  • I am happy to share that from the 1st of February 2024 till 15 of Septermber 2025 I will join the Agricultural Economics Research Institute, of the Hellenic Agricultural Organisation -- DIMITRA, as a (contractual) researcher. My role is on ivestigating the motives/barriers of environmentally friendly pest management adoption.
  • I am excited to announce that I will particiate on the 17th International Conference of the Hellenic Association of Agricultural Economists that will take place in Thessaloniki, November 2-3. My presentation is on the exploration of the financial viability of Mediterranean greenhouse tomato growers under climate change-induced multiple stress.
  • I am thrilled to announce that during the Spring 2023 I will give a lecture on Microeconomics II at the Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak.
  • I will be on the EconJob Market 2022/2023. My JMP explores the influence of financial incenitves on the adoption of organic farming practices.
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